If you’re going to climb a mountain or cross an ocean that’s never been charted, you’re going to want some friends to be beside you in your trek. People who will save your life when the rope breaks or teach you how to read a compass. Not only that, you need somebody to help move you out of your comfort zone into the lives of others.

And guess what? They need you to do the same for them.

Discovery Groups

Celebrate the end of summer with fun, food and friends.

Sign up now for one of the many End of Summer BBQs happening around the valley August 25 – September 7.

Hosts will provide the main course and drinks and you will bring a side dish to share.  Please register all attendees, including children.

Questions?  Contact info@dcboise.org or 208/345-6776

Sept 5 – Andersons/Nelsons/Pifaris/Westcotts (Boise)


Sept 7 – Neil & Janet Wilton (Boise)


Sept 7 – Doug & Leanne Clark (Nampa)


Sept 7 – Paul & Denice Cain (Boise)


Sept 7 – Rock & Grace Ruddy (Boise

https://onrealm.org/DiscoveryChurch/PublicRegistrations/Event?linkString=MDRmZjU1MTgtZDFiNS00MDg5LTg2ZjctYWFhMTAwMjY4Mzli s


Various Locations throughout the Treasure Valley

Childcare is available for most groups | Interested?  Contact us!

Group Leaders:  Steve & Angie Anderson

Would you like a safe place to practice listening to the Holy Spirit and practice gifts of the Spirit? Would you like to build deep meaningful relationships with members of your church family? Would you like to explore God’s word in a dynamic interactive small group? Groups are forming now.  If you are interest in connecting through a group like this, sign up today.


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To find out more email info@dcboise.org