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  1. Our mission is to love God and love others. Today I spoke about how sometimes
    the good practice of being well informed can distract me from doing this well.
    What distracts you from accomplishing this mission?
  2. Is there anyone in your life, who isn’t a Christian, that you are regularly doing life
  3. Which Christians are you regularly doing life with?
  4. PLAN
  5. Identify people who are not yet Christ-Followers that you want to be doing life
    with. What can you do to build a relationship with them this week? (see Mark
  6. Identify something you can do with fellow Christians (whether in your small group,
    friend group, or just Christians you have been wanting to connect with) that is
    relational. Note that Jesus taught, but also ate with the disciples. Find something
    to do with your Christian community this week that isn’t just about
    church-produced-teaching-content and is, instead, a fun and relational activity