Pour Us Out – Discussion Guide

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Gathered and Scattered – Pour Us Out

Jeremiah 11:48

“Moab has been at rest from youth,
like wine left on its dregs,`
not poured from one jar to another—
she has not gone into exile.
So she tastes as she did,
and her aroma is unchanged.
But days are coming,”
declares the Lord,
“when I will send men who pour from pitchers,
and they will pour her out;
they will empty her pitchers
and smash her jars.
Then Moab will be ashamed of Chemosh,
as Israel was ashamed
when they trusted in Bethel.


1. Is the Lord showing you any areas where you have you been at “rest from youth” (taken for granted your faith, or assumed your comfortable “church” ways to be real relationship with the Lord)?
2. What have you mistakenly trusted in?
3. Where in your life might the Lord be “pouring you out”
4. How might going into “exile” or captivity be redemptive for you?