Who We Are

Our mission
is to become wholehearted
adventurers with Jesus

Our Values Are:

Jesus Before

Pursuit Over

Kingdom Building
Over Pew-Filling

Pioneering Over

We Before Me

Our Team

Matt Hyde

Lead Pastor

Steve Reames


Rock Ruddy


Melisa Pearson

Connections Pastor

Discovery Communities

We no longer only specialize in a Sunday morning service. Instead, we shifted to focus our energy on the development of small groups which are impacting our congregation and our city like we’ve never seen before!

Where We Are

Address: 1177 N Roosevelt St, Boise, ID 83706
Live Stream and In-Person Gatherings at 11:00 a.m.

Watch Online

Looking for More Ways to Connect?

Discovery Communities

Looking For Something New?

Wherever you come from and whoever you are, you are welcome here! We are a home to the wandering hearts, broken spirits, and adventure seekers of our community. And we would love to share our Christ-driven adventures with you.

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