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Live and Recorded Online Services

Head to our YouTube Channel most Sundays at 11 AM to watch live. To watch recorded videos, click on the links below.

There is no substitute for being together in the same room with the people of God and Jesus' earlier followers could never have conceived of faith as something that was just "personal" and individualized. Hearing the word of God and worshipping were all deeply communal acts.

But just as the original apostles connected with their congregations remotely through their current technology (the New Testament letters and intermediaries traveling on Roman 'highways'), our modern age offers us opportunities as well. This helps keep those home bound or traveling connected in a small way to what is happening in our corporate setting.

For those who haven't yet been a part of Discovery Church, viewing a service online may answer some questions about our general format and what you might expect. But please don't let your curiosity stop at your screen - we hope you will join us on a Sunday or in a small group as soon as you are able. 

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